I am an experienced Data Analyst and Analytics Engineer with end-to-end knowledge from data ingestion and modeling to data analysis. I have worked on mid-scale database systems with legacy architecture at Smava, transitioning to building cloud-based systems in a modern data stack fashion at Nist and O'Donnell.

At Smava, I worked in the business analytics team, analyzing data for C-level management, finance, marketing, human resources, and IT.

At Nist, I built the entire data stack (Stitch, dbt, BigQuery, Tableau) and collaborated closely with management, product, sales, and marketing teams.

At O'Donnell, I led the Online Team and established the performance marketing and e-commerce management teams to drive sales growth. I built a small marketing warehouse (Stitch, dbt, BigQuery, Tableau) and was also responsible for setting up, running, and optimizing social and search ads.

Currently, I am deep-diving into various data tools including dlt (dlthub), dbt, DuckDB, and Prefect. My goal is to further develop my skills in the data and analytics engineering domain. Additionally, I am interested in learning more about LLMs and agents to automate analytical tasks.