Building a poor man's data lake for Shopify data

Building a poor man's data lake for Shopify data

Inspired by a recent blog post, I decided to experiment with various technologies and build a small data lake for Shopify data. In this project, the following technologies are used:

Data Ingestion:dlthub

I use the dlt connector to push data from the Shopify API to a Google Cloud Storage Bucket. Although I will write my own implementation of the Shopify Source, it should work with the verified connector as well.

Data Modelling:dbt

Like many modern data stacks, I use dbt to model the data from the raw layer to the data marts.

Data Orchestration:Prefect

I use Prefect as the data orchestration layer. Both data ingestion and modeling are orchestrated by Prefect deployments.

Data Storage: Google Cloud Storage Bucket

The data is stored as Parquet files in a Google Cloud Storage Bucket.

Data Calculation:DuckDB

I use DuckDB in the dbt project to calculate the different data models. The results of the models are materialized as Parquet files in the Storage Bucket.

SQL IDE:Motherduck

I use Motherduck to query the different Parquet files inside the Google Cloud Storage Bucket.


The graphic below shows the high-level structure of the project. As stated before, the project runs in Google Cloud, with Prefect serving as the orchestration engine.

The next articles will provide a deeper dive into the individual components of the project.

Part 1: Load data from Shopify to a GCP Bucket